PLANETARIUM Café & black coat


Last weekend I was drinking coffee in the cafe bar of the Planetarium, SLOWLY cause paralel I absorbed the sun and beauty of the seaview.

Thanks to the newly built planetarium, unique in Croatia, Rijeka can, lying in chairs watching the skies overhead and thereby uncover the secrets of astronomy and the world around us in the infinite vastness of space. This tourist attraction is part of the Astronomy Centre located in the former military fort on the hill St. Cross, for visitors of all ages.





The building which houses the Astronomy Centre Rijeka is located on the crest of the hill and city park Holy Cross, which offers views of the bay of Rijeka and the hilly hinterland. It was built in 1941 as a military fortress with four prominent towers. In the north-west tower in 2001. Built-in telescope protected movable astronomical dome and formed the first of Rijeka observatory.





Extended Rijeka Astronomy Centre has educational, scientific and tourist significance for the area of ​​the river, and beyond them. The new planetarium dome with a diameter of 8 meters, a capacity of 52 rooms seats and sophisticated equipment to simulate the appearance of the universe, is unique in Croatia and the wider region.

The concept of the new Astronomy Centre is based on the functional linking content with other areas of the planetarium and observatory center. In this way, visitors and users of the center it is possible to almost simultaneously experience – see simulated, but the actual picture of the universe that surrounds us.

Object astronomical center is arranged so that it can maintain various educational programs because it has a multi-functional lecture hall, hall planetarium for digital projection looks universe and exhibition spaces. Thanks to the observatory with a telescope, a computer workshop and premises for scientific conferences in it will be able to implement and scientific programs.

Within the building there is a catering area with a terrace and a lookout point from where you can see the Bay of Rijeka and the surrounding mountains. Centre’s premises are used as a kind of solemn spaces for the creation of temporary scientific meetings, exhibitions, and so on.

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Love you All, Sily


38 thoughts on “PLANETARIUM Café & black coat

    1. Joj Draga Sonia, nekako sam se ” navukla”na one tvoje vlogove kada pričaš o životu u Italiji i imam osjećaj da te poznam duuugo..nekako sam te doživjela kao ugodnu i toplu osobu :). Baš se radujem tvom dolasku U Rijeku u nadi da ćemo negdje popiti kavicu 🙂 🙂
      Pusa; Silvana


  1. baš bi ga voljela posjetiti!!!! U Splitu su mi jednom studenti pokazali kroz teleskop Saturn, baš je bilo zanimljivo, ali to je bio neki organizirani događaj, posjetiti pravi planetarium bi je velika želja.

    Crni kaput je vječna klasika, nešto što nam svima treba u ormaru…lijepo izgledaš i hvala na posjeti<3


  2. Dear Sily, looks like you had an enjoying day above the clouds! I can imagine it was really interesting to visit this new planetarium and also the cafe there looks amazing. And thanks to you I learned even a new word: I didn’t know before I read your text that in English the German word “hinterland” is used in the same context 🙂 You look good in your look – which is at the same time elegant and casual ❤ Happy weekend!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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