NECKLACE & ART cinema & Rijeka by night


Hello my Lovelies, I hope your weekend was beautiful.
My friends and I have occasional ritual to go to the Art cinema in Rijeka and watch a movie whose marketing and the money invested for the production is not imposing (far away from Hollywood), but these movies always somehow touched us in a special way. So this time the choice was movie „Timbuktu“, which has African roots. It wasn’t clear in my mind what I expect from this movie because Africa is not so close to me.
The film surprised me and encouraged to think. I will not write about the plot of the film but said that the base is the arrival of Muslim extremists in the small city/villagewhere relatively poor people live, but somehow I feel they are happy people. Extremists fight for their jihad bring discomfort and unhappiness to these people. Rules extremists go to these absurd proportions that prohibits and punishes listening to music, singing, gathering on the street; seeks to continuously wear gloves for women and so on. I think the filmmakers wanted to show the world the difference between the pious and peaceful Muslims and on the other side supporters of extremism under the guise of religion carry out terror and simply enjoy the rituals of punishment.
I recommend you to watch the film, but not in moments of distraction and relaxation. This is an educational film that will inspire you.



I hope you can see my necklace made of cloth-stripes .

On Korzo, the principal city promenade the sculpture has been placed in 2010 – “The Walker”, piece of sculpture created by the academician Ivan Kožarić.


Thanks for stopping by,
Keep smiling and never give up,
Kisses, Sily


18 thoughts on “NECKLACE & ART cinema & Rijeka by night

  1. Mislim da sam čula za taj film…ja u zadnje vrijeme imam averziju prema američkim filmovima, jedino im mogu još crtiće pogledati, a kad se radi o filmovima puno su mi draži nezavisni.

    Kombinacija ti je divna…i da znaš da sam odmah primjetila ogrlicu. Volim nakit od tkanine i baš mislim se i sama malo upustiti u izraživanje takvih komada.

    Odlične fotografije.


  2. Dear Sily,
    yes, I can see your beautiful necklace and I like it a lot! And the ritual you have with your friends is really good and makes so much sense in my opinion to watch such films. I thank you for the tip, I will keep it in my mind although I don’t watch really often movies. But what you wrote has awoken my interest! Thanks for that and a happy new week.
    Kisses from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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