New Beige Bag & culinary shows




Ciao my Lovelies,

I hope you enjoy in Easter holidays, I enjoy in rest due to beginning of the April was rather hard working for me.


I decided to show in post my new bag and say something about culinary shows that I sometimes watch.

Anyway, I would like to write about people who participate to different types of culinary shows. I was watching many of them in last few years and I am not writing about people who compete in front of judges but the people who prepare lunch/dinner for group of people that are guests in thir homes. OK it is not realist that you would hear just compliments. I understand -different people, different tastes but for me it is not serious comment if you that something is not good if you don’t like that meal/foodstuff. That makes me angry. You know that you are part of the show an must be prepared for coherent/suitable comment. Not just for example: i don’t like pumpkin oil and that bean salad is awful. For me it is not enough constructive comment.

Are you watching culinary shows? Do you like them or have some complaints about them like I have?

Thanks for stopping by,

Kisses, Sily

P1070839 P1070841 P1070842 P1070843 P1070844 P1070846


13 thoughts on “New Beige Bag & culinary shows

  1. Dear Sily, your new bag is really beautiful and I think also so practical due to the size! You look also very fresh and lovely on the pictures although you had obviously hard times. I for myself don’t watch TV, therefore I can’t comment on this topic. Only our daugther and some of her friends did something similar at home. But as far as I could see they were friendly together and not mean. Our dauther loved it really to attend to this event and did an huge effort to the meal she cooked. And obviously her friends appreciated her work in the same way as she did it in the context of the meals her friends prepared.
    Wish you a happy week and hope you enjoyed Easter!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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