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My Lovelies, how are you today?

Recently, I wanted to write something about the film “Wild” in which the main character is Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon). I knew nothing about the film except that it is based on a true story. It is the experience of a young woman whose life is on the edge and she has strong wish to put it “on track”.
What is chosen as the way to learn was too harsh, but I must say it was a succesful. In fact, opted for a stand-alone time hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in the length of about 1,100 miles (total length of the path is 2,650 miles). When I turn into kilometers the result was approximately 1700 km. And I remained totally surprised and dumbfounded. What has to be courage or foolishness of such an undertaking? The one who at least once climbed knows that a day trip to the mountains exhausting, let alone walk 3-6 months in continuity even under ideal conditions, in the sense that you don’t feel not a cold or hot,it is really tough but it’s just a hypothetical option.
The reality of this track is to start somewhere near the border with Mexico, where it is quite hot, and then in one section to the north grasping the snow up to knees. In one means backpack should bring enough food, water and clothing for different situations. Very complex. That’s why , the scene in the beginning of the movie, is interesting where Reese is tipped into the room from the weight of the backpack.
After some walking parts, they await you with a package in which are the new hiking boots, food and occasional necessities. There brave Cheryl has a touch of social life because for the entire time she was alone because she chose that option. During the hike, we can see the flashes of her life sequences in which they expressed the problems of relations with the mother (although she greatly loved her) and the relationship with her husband, ie. Her promiscuous life and occasional contacts with drugs. OK, seems to have had strong reason for “internal cleansing”.
It seems that the best things man learns through the lessons of life experience specially if going through some painful moments.
So they are the best learning to start appreciate life. It’s actually the end of the film and indicated as the heroine begins a new stage of his life. I recommend the movie. Photos present outfit
from my office today.



Love you all, Sily


12 thoughts on “OOTD & “WILD”

  1. Dear Sily, you look beautiful on the pictures and I like your outfit including the necklace! Thanks for the review of your film. Honestly I love such stories and if I discover a book with similar content I read it immediately. I think the message is true: we should really appreciate our life, as mostly it is the best life we can imagine and even have. Wish you a wonderful and happy weekend!
    Hugs from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


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