Hello my Sweeties!

Probably you feel like me that weekend gone in a few minutes!

Cause of strange weather ( strong wind, some rain and so on) it wouldn’t be possible to plan nice and pleasant weekend away from home. But in spite of that I had some job to do, to clean and preparing my living room for new furniture ( hope in the early beggining of the June it would be on its place! I orderd it in the end of January !!!!! It came from Germany and must wait. OK , it would not be my option (to long waiting) but I had really limited measures of the wall ( in L format) so it was hard to find something suitable. Here I put only W&B sporty but pleasant (for my skin) outfit.


Thanks for visiting me,

I’ll be soon here.




12 thoughts on “WHITE COTTON

  1. Love your look today! Cute tee. Are we going to see the new furniture, I love looking at such things *hint hint* πŸ˜‰ Thx for your sweet comment. It was a root canal job that went on and on and on……..well finally it’s over and I am on the mend.


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