Happy Tuesday!DSC_0179 DSC_0180

We had a long weekend here in Croatia I mean weekend +Monday so today is first day of my work week. Loong weekend but without pleasure. As I mentioned in some of the previous posts I try to redecorate my flat so I did some things by myself. In that case everything what you have been doing last forever :(.  But must say I am satisfied with result. I removed old white colour on my metal  balcony fence  (terrible job ughhh) and put first layer of basic grey colour. Soon I am going to take photos of this activities. Nothing spectatular but I am satisfied, and it is only what is important isn’t it?


Last week office outfit. Nothing special but cute new Benetton blouse made of soft cotton!

Thanks for visiting me,

Kiss to all of you ❤DSC_0181


16 thoughts on “SIMPLE AS USUAL

  1. Such a cute blouse, Sily, love the soft color, looks wonderful on you with the blonde hair. I love renovating the house, although I agree it can be such a big PIA but when it’s finally done it’s a great feeling. Looking forward to see the pics of your hard work, Sily.

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  2. Bitno je da si ti zadovoljna. Kad vidim sve one ideje na Pinterestu za prepravljanje dobijem zelju nego me strah da nesto ne unistim kako sam sva smotana.Lep outfit 🙂

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