We are here in Croatia in the middle of “heat wave”. But no more complaning. Here is the simple brown dress that is bought a few years ago, but I like to wear it like it is totally new. Its versatile character and possibility to be serious as well as cheerful. This time I combine it with light flats.

Now, I owe you explanation about the Dicte.



P1080206 P1080209 P1080216

It is the name of the danish crime series and also, the name of the main role Dicte. Since, I was watching “Broen/Bridge” 1,5 years ago I became addicted to scandinavian crime series ( recently, danish). Who is Dicte? Dicte is a journalist that returned hometown with daughter to start a new life and as a journalist she is always in a way to be involved in crime investigation craftily. it is not the big thing, and nothing new, BUT  I think the screenwriters did a good job. Because she is not a super hero that can do everything but she is like all of us with all human problems and I think who carefully follow can ” between lines” read many  sociological and psychological problems. That’s why I like it. The series is deeper than average crime series .

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