EXTRAVAGANT GALA PARTY-Governor’s Palace Rijeka

This will be a really nice post after a long time. After months of whining on the blog because of sciatica and falls on the stairs causing almost 2 weeks being in a  house without walking I hope the post ar going into other , normal direction. Last Thursday where Governer’s Palace House  hosted  Extravagant Gala Eternity by party which attracted a large number of visitors and many familiar faces froam our region/city.

It was consisited of exhibition of jewelry and dress of local designers with a fashion show has been enhanced by a of the most beautiful locations in Rijeka, and special events contributed to the beautiful vocal Damir Kedzo.

 Extravagant  broadcast/website “wore” this unique location in lavishly fashion attire. An exhibition of photographs Viviane Lokmer Sulina and exhibition of dresses and jewelry of local designers can look up to December 06/2015.

Photos are here:

IMG-20151015-WA0005 P1080505

P1080488 P1080487 P1080486 P1080491 P1080496 P1080502 P1080501 P1080500 P1080511 P1080514 P1080518 P1080520 P1080535 P1080539 P1080554 P1080558 P1080561 P1080566

Love you all,



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