Advent travel to KLAGENFURT

Hello Sweeties,

I visited Klagenfurt in this special season before Christmas and the one-day -journey is called “Advent in Klagenfurt”.

I was thinking that it is a small city but I was surprised that I was so wrong. OK, if you compare it with Vienna, Salzburg or Graz it is small but it is far away from the literally meaning of the word small.




Some facts:

Klagenfurt  is the capital of the Austrian federal state of Carinthia/Koruska. The official name of the city is Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. Klagenfurt located in the south of Austria in the valley between the Alps and Karavanke mountains. The town is in a valley surrounded on all sides by hills. West of the city of Lake Wörthersee  which is a significant recreational center and is often called the Austrian sea“. Through the city flows the river Glan, and not far from the south-flowing rivers Drava.

Municipal Theatre Klagenfurt is a roughly half a millennium old institution.
But for less than 100 years arrived even newer building, now one of the most memorable in the city. In 1908 we started with the implementation of the plans of the new theater, which would mark the great jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I., and his 60 years of ruling the Empire.
Selected the project of the famous Viennese architectural office Fellner & Helmer, a new Stadttheater was officially opened already on September 22, 1910. In honor of Franz Joseph, named after Kaiser Franz Josef I. Jubiläumstheater.


Alter Platz is located about 150 meters north of Neuer Platz, and two central square, the Klagenfurt connecting Kramergasse, the most important city shopping street.
 Old Market Square and the street are actually part of the pedestrian zone in the center of town,  and in numerous shops which you have an ideal choice for a relaxed shopping.

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Landhaus is located between the Alter Platz square and st. Spirit, just a hundred meters from New Square. Built from 1574th to 1594th year on the site of the former castle, and is today with its two high towers is one of the most recognizable city landscapes.

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Of course it was also enjoying in coffee, punch (with rum), and cakes.

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and shopping in City Arkaden.

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Thanks for visiting me

Kiss, Silvy


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