BROWN DRESS for all seasons

Hi Ladies,

I hope this week was good  for you till today.

Today , I was twice (duration 2* 1 hour) in nearby GYM. I have never done that before. I feel great but in the end of evening Latino workout I was exhausted ( have some days-off that ‘s the explanation how I could be twice a day there).

Here are some photos with brown outfit where I would like emphasize this dress that can be combined in all seasons. During summer it is summer-dress, in autumn and winter combination with tunica or turtleneck sweater is really great. It is made of very nice cotton.

WP_20151215_11_59_17_ProWP_20151215_11_59_22_Pro WP_20151215_11_59_39_Pro

WP_20151215_11_59_24_Pro WP_20151215_11_59_39_Pro

Thanks for coming,

Kiss from Me,



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