Let’s go with me to Treviso, Italy

This post belongs to my trip to Treviso, sweet little town in Italy, near Venice. The main reason for the visit was the exhibition Greco-Spanish artist El Greco museum / palace Casa dei Carraresi. Although originally Greek, most of his creativity (which includes painting, sculpture, architecture and literature generated in Spain, especially in Toledo, and is considered the Spanish painter. He lived and worked in the 16th century.

The exhibition is very impressive, somehow mystical and gloomy because of the shape and color, but definitely worth the look, although it had not been exposed to the artist’s major works, ie. The exhibition is a collection of paintings from private collections.

Treviso is a city in the Veneto region of northern Italy, only twenty minutes from Venice, and you feel that you are in a completely different world. And Treviso, as well as other cities in the Veneto region lies on the water. In fact, there is at the confluence of two Alpine rivers: Botteniga and Sila, so that  is a small town full of charming bridges and canals. Treviso inspires beautiful houses whose balconies overlook the numerous channels, church towers looming over the roofs of terracotta and numerous cafes, whose tables are scattered around the cobbled streets.

Upon arrival we were looking at the city on foot: Piazza Vittoria, Piazza dei Signori with the Palazzo dei Trecento, Loggia dei Cavalieri, the cathedral and baptistery of the 13th century, Isola della Pescheria (a small island in the heart of the city known for its fish market in the open).

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Thanks for coming,

Kiss Silvy


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