The view from ” TRSATSKA GRADINA”

Hi Sweeties,

I like to show you the beautiful view from the interesting point of my city! The part of the city  is well-known as a Trsat.

The Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed lookout on a hill 138 meters above sea level dominating Rijeka. . This location served well to the Romans to establish their defence system, the so-called Liburnian limes, whose starting point was the Tarsatica fortress town – which was situated at the site of today’s Old City of Rijeka.

The plateau of the Trsat Castle offers a magnificent view of the ruins of these limes situated on opposite hills, Katarina and Kalvarija, as well as of the whole area of the Rijeka’s Old City. The Trsat Castle is one of the oldest fortifications on the Croatian coast which preserves the features of the early medieval town construction.

Today the Trsat Castle has been enriched by new facilities and events – visual arts gallery, open-air summer concerts and theater performances as well as fashion shows and literary evenings.

The photos are from the Trsat Castle.

P1090267 P1090268 P1090269 P1090270 P1090272 P1090273 P1090282

Love, Silvy


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