Happy Friday!

Usually, I have a bit of time when I’m writing post so I often reduced it to a simple story about the weather. Today I’m going to ask you, whether it happens to you either when a difficult period is over, to think that before you never thought you could go through this?

This normally happens for some complex emotional situations relationships with other people, when we pass some difficult periods of school or when we are faced with the physical pain or some forms of disease conditions. Of course that’s not all, but all mentioned above have autobiographical elements. In fact, the question of where we draw strength then? And why did you later wonder how we have been going through that?

1. I think that man by nature never gives up the fight

2. Also, by their nature are easily adaptable to different situations

3. We feed our brain with the idea that the negative or difficult period has its lifetime

4. From that point we going out mainly stronger and have valuable new experience

I know no matter what are we surprised that we have some periods even overcome, I know that once again we find in them, again, we would find the intrenal power to continue. What do you think? What are your experiences?

Kiss, Silvy

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8 thoughts on “LEOPARD PATTERN

  1. I like your shirt, it is so cute… it looks really pretty on you… xox

    In answer to your question, I think we are more resilient than we think we are, there are overwhelming challenges that take our breaths away and reduce us to a sadness we somehow feel we will never rise from… but with time we do rise… xox


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