Last sparkles of summer & learning english

Happy Monday and beginning of the week!

September is a very nice month when it is not so hot any more, but also is warm enough to still wear summer clothes, swimm or drink cafe on some of the beach bars.

But I must admit I packed my clothes in some cute boxes  that I wore during the peak of the summer. So this photos were made before that. The cotton dress is so gentle on the skin and I regret a bit I didin’t wear  more often. Although dress hasn’t beige colour, my intentin was to make a contrast with the heels and bag. I like the result.

You know English is not my mother tongue so I need often to watch some movies on YouTube. This time I came across on documetaries about unsolved murder of  6-years-old child JonBenét Ramsey on 1996. WIKIPEDIA.

It is so intriguing and horrified story if you look from many angles! If you want to read more go on this link or  go to YouTube.








dsc_0072 dsc_0073




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