I just wish to all of you happy weekend in front of us!

I must say that last night with TV mourned one item in the political let’s say show of a Croatian television. One part of it was about two little children of about 12 years who have visible health problem. The girl had a prosthetic on the right lower leg, and the boy has a very unusual face like a mask as a result of a syndrome that  he has from the moment he was born.  Children are so brave, smart and positive but very often healthy people are not with mentioned characteristics. Their task was to write on pieces of paper messages and share them together with roses  to  some passersbys. So it was obvious people are different, in the sense that one can not even cope with the diversity of others, dwhile their second happy to receive a small gift and embraced them. It was a touching scene, but each time  when I am looking something like that I am fascinated  with positive approach of  people that life wasn’t so fair with them.

Have you looking similar stories like that?

Kiss, Silvy









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