Hey Buddies, How are you? Are you return in routine after holidays ?  Slowly I am back to let’s say normal- days… Due my obligation to work on  January 1 st, I do not have some special plans for that part of the year… so a bit I am jealous when I saw photos from some NY travels and so on..OK, no more complaining..

I would like to share with you my love for this new fragrance on my shelf.

Info from ‘Fragrantica.com’

Gianfranco Ferre launches a new fragrance in the second half of 2015. Camicia 113 follows his design of a white shirt called Calice, created in 1982. The creation was inspired by sword fighting and duels, as well as Cala lily form. The fragrance carries the slogan “La Camicia Bianca Secondo Me” (“My idea of a white shirt “).

Camicia 113 is a fragrant homage to extravagant design, fusion of elegance and courage, and mysterious and harmonious architecture. Expression of timeless style and high fashion, Camicia 113 is announced as a sophisticated scent that caresses your skin. It belongs to the family of fresh floral orientals. It contains accords of bergamot, magnolia, iris, peony, jasmine, violet, patchouli, musk and Siam benzoin.

The square bottle of simple design is decorated with a stopper which reminds of the glorious creation of the designer.

Maybe it is pretentious to say that it is remind me on Chanel-notes but this is only my opinion and feeling.  It is strong ( but not too much), fresh and serious ( if it is appropriate for perfume) for important moments !

Kiss, hugs, Silvy20170107_164439 20170107_164525 20170107_164608 20170107_164741 20170107_164806 20170107_164830


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