Hello Ladies,

I hope you are great in the middle of the summer and almost middle of the week. I am not so bad due to big help of air condition in my office.  Tough is my leaving the office when I suddenly step into “sauna”. Other things are just fine. Today black and ponytail.


DSC_0251 DSC_0252

Last Friday I was going to the island of Rab. Usual duration of driving is 2 hours, on Friday it was 7 hours. I was suddenly stopped in town Senj and was wondering what happend. The we realized that accident happend and the road is totally closed. In accident died one moto-biker that had frontal crash with the car. Also there was one man hard injured. It was rather hard to wait so long, but I said to myself that is nothing if compare it to tragedy.

Are you nervous if you must wait for hours for something? Do you comfort yourself?

Best wishes, hugs and kisses





  1. jako elegatna crna kombinacija…ponekad je jednostavno i najbolje….divna ogrlica.

    Mislim da nitko ne voli čekati u gužvi, ali ne uhvati me svaki put nervoza…strašno je čuti za takvu nesreću. Da imam dijete, ne bih mu nikad dala da vozi motor.

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    1. Ivana, hvala ti za lijepe riječi.. I tu si totalno u pravu.. Ja sam se ponekad vozila na motoru i znam koliko je biti oprezan i ne juriti previše, ali nažalost to nekad nije dovoljno.
      Puno pozdrava od mene iz Rijeke


  2. Love this all black look on you. Nothing better than AC except CH in winter times, lol. Oh no, what a tragedy. I always feel awful when such things happen, not because I have to wait for hours until the road is open again, it’s more because of the thoughts about the tragic accident that happened.

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